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Saturday, 19 May 2012 06:19


Thanks again for your patience in this journey to downtown Kingsport.  In the midst of this waiting process, I found myself making frequent trips to Broad Street.  I have been reminded why I have missed being there so much.  The business owners and city workers have been very encouraging with their excitement about the State Theatre opening and our coming to be a part of their community.

We finally got word back from Citizen Bank (Rogersville) that the offer of $350,000 was accepted.  They had a roofer come and make the necessary repairs on the building before they signed the offer.  We are grateful.

We are appreciative for those of you who have been so generous in giving toward our building fund.  We have raised over $270,000 in pledges which will be given over the next 2 years. We have only $80,000 to go on the purchase price of the building.

Cindy Martin, Venture Director on our Executive Board, is currently pursuing the best options and financing products available from local banks and lending institutions.  We felt that the floating interest rate (offered by Citizens Bank) might not be the best option for us.  We are praying for God to give us direction and discernment as we pursue financing.

We will be holding another Town Meeting on Tuesday, May 22nd at LampLight Theatre in Fall Branch for our volunteers and for those who currently feel connected to the theatre.  We will be giving updates and insight on our fundraising event for renovations.  We want to keep our LampLight family as informed as possible on everything we know at this point.

We are currently looking for commercial contractors who are interested in putting in bids for the renovation process so that we can better determine the full cost of renovations on the State Theatre.  We have had a couple of contractors to step forward who are experienced in specific areas of commercial construction.  We are going to need others as well.  We are praying for God to send contractors who have a heart for ministry and community and understand why we are doing this.  We have to keep the cost down in order to keep our focus on our existing ministry in the forefront. Our heartbeat is people first and not just building facilities.  If you know of contractors that might be interested in placing a bid, please contact us as soon as possible at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call our office at (423) 245-1551.

We will be hosting a fundraising event at the Downtown Kingsport Association on Main Street in Kingsport on June 9th, 2012 from 7pm until 9pm for anyone interested in giving toward the renovations of the State Theatre.  At that time, we hope to have a goal amount based on the contractors’ bids.  The evening will consist of a presentation of all renovations that will need to be made.  Different stations will be set-up for people to contribute toward the areas in which they are interested.  No donation is too small.  From purchasing a vintage theatre chair, to financing the building of an office, to buying toilet fixtures, we are trusting for people to give toward the areas of their best interest.  We will be providing hors d'oeuvres and refreshments for all in attendance.  This will be a drop-in event and everyone is welcome.

Even though this is a public event, we will be sending out personal invitations to potential donors who have been passed onto us.  We are praying that God will send individuals, businesses, organizations, and churches who share our vision of seeing the State Theatre re-opened with quality, family entertainment.  If you know of anyone who you would like to receive an invitation to this fundraising event, please contact our office by Tuesday, May 29.  This will allow us time to send out their invitation for the event.

Again, we have been overwhelmed by the ongoing public interest and support.  We have been humbled by the encouragement and contributions that have been made thus far.  We still have a huge task ahead of us.  We would like to be in the State Theatre by our 2012 Christmas Season this year.  This rests entirely on God’s will and the generosity of His people and this community.  We will need to raise the support for the renovations pretty quickly in order to complete the renovations and occupy the State Theatre by Christmas.

We trust there are people out there with the same heart as ours.  We are believing for God to allow us to come together to see a miraculous dream come true.  Please be in prayer with us and for us as we continue this process.  We are extremely excited, but a bit overwhelmed by the task that has been entrusted to us.

We are currently accepting pledges/donations for the Building Fund and donations for the Renovation Fund for the State Theatre.  All donations are tax-deductible.  You can give by calling (423)245-1551 or by clicking here.


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Tuesday, 30 August 2011 10:03


            I just wanted to write a note of thanks to all of you for the support you have shown with the biography.  The book has been well received and I have been amazed by the response.

            I want to also thank you for the kind letters and e-mails that we have received.  We want to encourage you to leave a comment on the website: I would love for others to be able to read your testimonials as well.

            For those who don’t know, we had our first book signing at LifeWay in Johnson City, TN.  It was the largest turnout they have ever had for a book signing.  They also selected our ministry to feature for the month of August.  They asked for contributions to purchase bibles for students for our outreach programs.  We have received over 400 bibles so far.  God is amazing.  Thank you LifeWay Christian Bookstore.

            We will be planning more book signings this fall.  We have had a pretty hectic schedule for summer and will be able to concentrate on those this fall. With over 200 concerts and speaking engagements a year, it is hard to carve out time for everything. Pray that God will show us how to balance everything.  I find myself in a whirlwind sometimes, but I love what God is doing.

            Many of you have taken advantage of the discounts offered through our website.  We just want these books in the hands of as many people as we can. We hope the book will encourage and inspire many to persevere in hard times.

            If you are interested in sponsoring a book signing at your business, local bookstore, or church, please contact our office.  Watch the website for speaking engagements and concerts.  I would love to see you and hear how God is blessing your life.


Billy Wayne

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Monday, 29 August 2011 19:00

August 30, 2011


            We just left Schenectady, NY this morning.  We weathered the storm there.  We are headed to Bronx, NY. We are praying for safe travel and no problems of getting into the city.  We have a concert this evening at New York City Mission at 7:30. 

There is an outreach concert planned for tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 in the Bronx with our friend Reggie.  We will be talking to people, praying with them and handing out materials and Bibles.  We will also be providing backpacks (bookbags) and school supplies for students as well.  Thanks to all of you who made that possible.  The concert will be performed in front of a Recreation Center in the Bronx.  Pray that God speaks to hearts and lives will be changed.

Thursday, we will be at the Bowery Mission at lunch time to do a concert.  Thursday evening, we will be doing a concert at the Ronald McDonald house.

Friday, we head toward Waynesburg, PA.  Saturday we will be performing “The Advocate” at Cristy Wise’s church (Bates Fork Baptist).  We will stay over Sunday and help with the service and then head back home.

            God has done some great things on this trip.  We have had about 22 people receive Christ and we aren’t finished yet.  We haven’t even gotten to the city yet. We had a great time at Christian Bible Fellowship in Washington, PA.  The Barn Concert in Weedsport, NY was fantastic.  We also had a great worship concert and time of fellowship at Northside Baptist Church in Liverpool, NY.

            Thanks to Deb “Kaz” and The Taylors for hosting us through the storm in Schenectady.  We have had great times of fellowship.  Since church was cancelled Sunday Morning, we held our own worship at The Taylor’s home.  There were 27 of us who gathered together.  God is so good to have let us spend the time we did with our friends.  We don’t deserve it, but we sure are grateful.

            Look out NYC.  We are on our way.  We want you to know that Jesus loves you and has great things in store.

            I will keep you posted on what is going on in the city.  Pray for the people who have been affected by Irene.  Pray that God will use us to minister to them.


Be Blessed,

Billy Wayne

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Hey Friends,

            God is absolutely amazing! Summer is in full swing and great things are happening. Our scheduled is slammed, and the Holy Spirit is slamming the hearts of young and old alike.  I have the wonderful privilege to travel with a talented ministry team and band (Tattered Saints).  We are seeing a God pour out on his people.

            Our Senior High I.A. (I’m Accepted) Camp was powerful.  This camp is geared for underprivileged and “at risk” students.  Some of the things that these students have to endure are unreal.  We saw lives transform before our eyes.  Many of the students come very guarded and broken.  To watch God change their lives and give them hope is pretty amazing. There were 4 students saved and 15 rededications.

            The folks at Camp Smokey took great care of our students.  They spoiled them rotten.  Of all the camps we have ever attended, the workers there go above and beyond to reach out and minister to our students.  Thanks to Paul and his family and the interns…

            The theme of the camp was “Heaven’s Gain”.  We challenged the students to understand the difference between temporary, earthly, material philosophy and eternal, heavenly gain.  We had the opportunity to go to Greenbriar to swim in the mountain creek.  It was a day of splish-splash and sunburns.  We visited Pigeon Forge and our friends at Country Tonite.  Our hats are off to Kevin, Ronnie and the other performers who always make us feel at home.  The new show was fantastic.  Thank you for blessing our students and showing them the love of Jesus.

            Our last full day at camp, the students went to Gatlinburg.  They had ministry assignments to do.  They all represented Jesus well.  The parents and guardians would have been proud.  What a blessing to see them NOT be ashamed of Christ. 

            BEACH WEEK was incredible as well.  It was held at Landmark Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. We had attendees from Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  The theme of the week was “The Pursuit”.  We learned what we needed to leave behind and the things we should pursue as believers.  The week was very challenging resulting in 8 salvations and 12 rededications.  We baptized 19 in the ocean on Thursday evening…what an amazing witness for our Lord.

            We traveled on up the east coast to Southport, NC.  We did an evening concert in the park.  It was a blessing to be outside in God’s cathedral and worship Him.  We had a wonderful, relaxed evening and enjoyed catching up with some friends (Chuck and Cindy Silvey) and meeting new ones.

            The following Sunday morning, we did a concert in the a.m. at Southport First Baptist.  4 people committed their lives to Christ and there was an awesome spirit of worship in the place.  Some new doors were opened for us there and we look forward to going back next year to do some concerts on the beach.

            We got back late that night and started the next morning (Monday) on practices for our Patriotic show.  We worked the cast hard and finally had time to practice our songs the day before we opened.  I thank God for a group of talented singers and musicians who work with such professional attitudes.  I am truly blessed to have the best on my team.

            The Patriotic Tribute 2011 show opened this past week at LampLight Theatre.  We had two dinner theatre performances and the show was well received.  There have been 14 decisions for salvation and 14 for rededication so far.

We consider it a blessing to honor our troops and their families for all that they have sacrificed for our freedom.  We are blessed to live in America.   The show is reflective of who we are as Americans, but most of all, who we are in Christ.  Through Christ, God has not only shed His grace, but also His blood that we might be set FREE. 

We have the July 4th Parade in Kingsport tomorrow and will be performing on the float.  We love the parades.  It is a wonderful witness for our faith and is a great opportunity for people to see and know more about who we are.

The Patriotic Tribute starts back up again this Wednesday night at 7 PM.  We will go through Sunday afternoon.  Nightly shows are at 7:00 PM from Wednesday through Saturday with additional matinees on Saturday at 2:00 PM and Sunday at 3:00 PM. If you are interested in attending contact the box office (423) 348-7610.  Ask for FREE vouchers for reading this blog.

We are now gearing up for A.I.M. (Artists in Ministry) conference at the theatre.  It will be held July 18-22. Check it out on the website. Come and learn about creative ministry.  All ages are welcome to attend.

We will be headed out next week to West Virginia and Ohio. Please check our travel schedule and catch up with us on the road.  We want to see you. 

Please pray for our vehicle.  “Red Rhonda” is doing great, but has a few issues when pulling our heavy trailer.  Our bus is still broken down after a year and a half.  The insurance company will not come through and neither will the company that worked on it.  It has been an ongoing struggle.  No one wants to take the responsibility to fix it.  Please be in prayer for us…

I want to thank everyone who has bought my book, “And God Was Watching”.  The book launch was great and very overwhelming.  We had our first book signing yesterday (Saturday, July 2nd) at LifeWay Christian Bookstore in Johnson City.  They said that it was the largest attended book signing ever for that location.  Thanks for coming out and supporting.  It is my prayer that this book will change lives.  

We are still working on new music and God is inspiring it all.  We look forward to getting into the studio soon. I hope to have a new project by fall.  God’s timing is perfect.  Meantime, we are singing some of the music now.  If you want to hear it, come out and see us. 

By the way, I will be in concert with Tattered Saints at the Theatre on July 30th.  It will be a great time of worship.  Please tell your friends and family to come out and celebrate with us.

Keep us in your prayers as we have these performances at the theatre and for our travel schedule as well.  Pray for our health and safe travels.  Pray for God to use us for His sake… that is all that matters.


In Him,

Billy Wayne

                        Phil. 1:6


And God Was Watching... PDF Print E-mail

Dear Friends,

            I am very excited about the release of the book, And God Was Watching: A Biography of Billy Wayne.  This is an exciting time for me personally and for our ministry.  This has been a long time coming and I believe it is God’s perfect timing.

            This book has been a labor of love both for Janet Gibson and me.  Janet has been a true friend for over 20 years and without her prompting, this book would never have been written.  She knew that God wanted this book written and took it upon herself to complete the task at hand.  The result has been very healing and rewarding.

            It has been an amazing journey to look back and see how God orchestrated events to accomplish his will and purpose in a little kid from the Appalachian Mountains of east Tennessee and southwest Virginia.  The obstacles that were placed before me were nothing to God, only testimonies of what He could do in what seemed to be impossible situations. 

            I look at my dad and see what “Amazing Grace” really means.  It is hard to believe that God truly can take what Satan meant for evil and turn it into apples of gold.   When I reflect on this book-writing adventure, I know that God reminded me of how many prayers He answered even when I didn’t acknowledge that it was him at work.  His faithfulness in answering every cry was overwhelming to me.  It might not have been the answer I wanted, but it was His perfect answer and timing.

            I pray that this book will bring healing to a lot of hurting people.  I hope that it inspires people not to use their situations as excuses not to be all that God has called them to be.  Our tragedies and struggles should be springboards of faith; to fling ourselves into the arms of God and to trust that He trusts us to show His glory in difficult situations. 

            I owe my life to God and I owe a gratitude of thanks to so many people who encouraged and prayed for me during dark times in my life.  I thank God for each person who believed in me and in the power of prayer to change not only my life, but my family as well. 

            May you be inspired to know that God chooses us to be sifted by the enemy as wheat.  Like Job, God may mention your name to the devil knowing that in the tragedy of your life that you will never forsake the name of Jesus.  How you handle your trials should bring honor to God and God alone.  Those around you will be able to see that only God could change everything for His glory. Whatever trial we face, may we never forget …God is watching. 


Billy Wayne    Phillipians 1:6

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