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Saturday, 15 May 2010 20:49

            Sorry for the delay in blogging.  We have gotten the new site up (thanks to Cindy Martin) and I have been busy with the theatre and getting ready for a Spring Tour.  There has been a lot on my plate and I couldn’t digest it all. 

            This spring was our 5th year anniversary at LampLight Theatre.  We survived the 5 year hump.  Praise the Lord.  He is doing some incredible things there.  194 people gave their lives to Christ during the run of “Friend of Sinners” Easter productions.  The presence of the Lord was remarkable.  Every night the Holy Spirit seemed to just sit down in that place.  God did miracle after miracle. 

On the last night of the production, I had a great surprise.  My brother, Gerald, came to the production.  He came alone and he came late to avoid having to talk to people. (He is kinda shy and backward)  He sat on the back row of the theatre and watched the production.  At the end, I gave the invitation and asked if anyone had asked Christ in their lives and wanted me to pray for them.  Several raised their hands.   I saw someone waving a cap in the back.  It was Gerald.  He kept waving it until I recognized it was him.  The whole theatre erupted in praise. 

After the production, he came and talked with me.  We had “church” once more.  Many of my family members were present.  They had “church” again in the parking lot afterward with my dad present.  When he got home and told my mother, they celebrated once more. 

Gerald has held to his faith and has changed a lot of things.  He even told his friends of the change in his heart.  I know that God will use him to reach a great deal of people that struggle with addictions.  Please pray for him as he grows in Christ.

We have gone through so many transitions this year.  We just hired a new Financial Administrator, Carolyn Woods.  Be in prayer as she takes on the new challenges and as our existing staff shifts into their new responsibilities.  It is an exciting time for our ministry.  Some people don’t like change, but I have learned to embrace it.  Change brings newness and a great dependency on the Lord.  That isn’t too bad for us at times when we can get comfortable in our walk of faith.

Jacob and I are on the road now.  We will be doing a series of concerts and speaking engagements in NC and WV over the next couple of weeks.  We are excited about hooking up with some of you as we sweep through your area.  If you get a chance, please come out to see us.  We would love to see your faces.  Pray for Jacob and his wife Carmen as they have officially started with us full-time.  They are two incredibly talented people that this ministry has been blessed to have on board.  I love working with them and sharing the stage in concert with them.

Pray for our summer interns as they come the first of June.  We are going to be running at full speed with all of the camps and shows coming up.  Please check out our road schedule and our LampLight Theatre Calendar of Events.  We look forward to seeing you and celebrating all that God is doing.   Pray for our ministry vehicle situation and the wisdom to know what to do.  Our bus in still stranded in PA  and waiting for repairs.  We are driving a borrowed vehicle (thanks Jason and Quyen Quillen) for this Spring Tour. 

I hope to post more blogs on this tour over the next couple of weeks.  Please be in prayer for hearts to be touched and lives to be changed. 

God Bless,

Billy Wayne   Phil. 1:6

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010 15:59

... are happening here in Henderson, North Carolina.  We have one more service tomorrow.  Be in prayer for open and receptive hearts.

The Executive Board of Vision Productions met over the weekend.  We are looking for someone to fill the position of Financial Administrator.  For a job description, application, or for more information, call (423) 245-1551 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Continue to pray for the "Friend of Sinners" production.  We had 39 salvations from the first three performances on Friday and Saturday.  Praise the Lord!

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Thursday, 25 March 2010 08:59

Welcome to the new website! I hope that you will check back here often to read updates as we travel and share Jesus with others from all over our country and in Mexico.

Things are really moving around here at Vision Productions. The Easter production “Friend of Sinners” is in its’ final stages of preparation with a full dress rehearsal tonight. The performance run for the next three weeks and we are very excited to see what God will do through the numerous sacrifices and prayers of cast members, volunteers, and staff members. Please come see this fabulous production. Visit the website at for more information and to order tickets or contact the box office at (423) 348-7610.

Meanwhile, I am headed to Henderson, North Carolina next week for Spiritual Emphasis Week. I am looking forward to seeing all of you there.

We are holding our Executive Board Meeting this weekend. Please pray for our decisions to be God’s decisions as we will be making some changes.

I appreciate all of your prayers and support of the ministry and I wish you all a blessed day in the Lord.

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