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Monday, 28 June 2010 15:26

Hey Friends,

            We just got back from a two-week run.  Our first week was in Gatlinburg, TN where we held our Sr. I.A. Camp.  Our theme was, “Hide and Seek.” We had 44 attend and had an incredible week.  The staff at Camp Smoky spoiled us rotten.  They took such great care of the students.  Thanks goes to Paul and the gang for going above and beyond.

            Highlights of the week included trips to The Comedy Barn and a special performance at Country Tonite in Pigeon Forge.  The cast of Country Tonite were especially kind to the students and made them feel right at home.  Thanks to Dan Tilley for organizing these two events and for taking such great care of these special students.

            We also took the students to Greenbrier and went swimming in the mountain streams.  They especially liked the rough rapids and rough water.  They all had a great time and lived to tell about it. 

            It was a wonderful week of healing and ministering.  Several leaders shared their testimonies and challenged the students to rise above their situations through the power of Christ.  Three of the students accepted Christ and 10 rededicated their lives.  God was very present and real to all of us.  We were all blessed to be a part of it all. 

            Beach Week was truly a blast.  We had approximately 100 in attendance.  We also had several visitors that stopped in for some of the sessions as well. Our theme was “Righteous Rebels.”  We challenged the students to rise up as ambassadors of Christ.  We told them as children of God, we are to be righteous and if we are living for Christ, we will be rebels against the world’s view of morality. 

            We had several opportunities to minister on the beach and to be very public in our witness for Christ.  Each day the students were challenged to show the world their faith on the beach through different ministering opportunities.  The last day, they had to do a silent witness exercise and pray with people. 

            The week was very powerful and impacted everyone who attended.  There were 10 students saved and 13 rededications.  We baptized 26 people in the ocean.  Three of them were not with our group.  One fellow named Jeff was homeless and struggling.  He saw our group on the beach doing the baptism.  Jacob ministered to him as he recommitted his life to Christ.  We then baptized him.  Jeff also came to our consecration service that night.  We gave him food and clothes.  God truly ministered to him and showed us how to be practical with our faith from what we learned all week.

            We then went on to Southport, NC and did a concert at Southport Baptist on Saturday night.  God was awesome.  We shared the night with Emmaus Road Quartet and had a moving night of praise and worship.  It showed all of us that no matter the style of worship, God inhabits it all.

            The next morning (Sunday), I did the mime for the Sunday School time.  We had 13 saved and 19 rededications.  The Holy Spirit worked in a big way.  We met some new friends and are looking forward to going back this fall as a part of our “Hide and Seek” Fall Tour on August 17.

            We are now back at home and are working on our Patriotic show which opens this weekend.  We have a lot of work ahead of us this week, but are looking forward to celebrating our Freedom as Americans.  Our prayer is to see you here or somewhere along the road in our travels.  If you want some free tickets to the Patriotic 2010, I know the guy in charge and would be glad to get you some complimentary tickets. 

            Please be in prayer as we still have A.I.M, and two more camps ahead of us for the summer.  Pray for our interns (Chad Sheppard, Derek Cress, Caitlyn Ward, and Nathan Raines) as they continue to grow in their faith.  They are working hard and God is using them in a great way.

            Ya’ll come out and see us…ya hear?


Billy Wayne

                   Phil. 1:6  

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Sunday, 06 June 2010 15:39

Hey Friends,

            We are headed back from WV and OH.  We had an awesome time at North Parkersburg Baptist (Parkersburg, WV) and Waterford Church of the Nazarene (Waterford, OH).  The “Slam” youth night on Friday was a great night of celebration with Crimson Refuge.  God poured out his spirit once again and moved in a big way in the hearts of the students.  We were all challenged to be more bold in our walk of faith. We got to see Jared Bryant and Anthony Mossburg.  Anthony interned with me last fall.  God has been doing some great things in his life.

            Jared and Jill were great hosts and spoiled us all.  Jill is a great cook, not to mention being a great mom and wife.  They have two sweet kids (Bella and Jayden).  It was the first time I watched Cinderella and played trucks at the same time. 

            Saturday night, we went to Waterford and reunited with some old acquaintances.  Thanks to the Luthy and Ullman families.  They sure can cook.  It was also great seeing Adam Satterthwait and his family.  He is truly an encourager.  He always finds time to minister to me… It was also good seeing Nancy and Tony Vannoy.  Nancy is on my Board of Directors and has been in my life for nearly 20 years.  Many friends were there this weekend that I haven’t seen in years.  It was good seeing all of you and we look forward to seeing you at The Concert in the Park on July 17.

            We are grateful for God speaking to hearts Saturday night.  Three people gave their lives to Christ and others were challenged to hold to Christ regardless of what they are facing.  “At just the right time, while we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly…”  He proved himself that evening.

The band and the interns did a fantastic job for their first weekend out.  They were nervous and excited. The team consists of:

Accousic Guitar  and Vocals – Jacob Phillips,
Keys and Vocals – Carmen Phillips,
Bass – Tyler McMullins,
Drums – Derek Cress.
Sound/Tech – Lucas Johnson
Merchandise/ Media – Chad Sheppard

 I couldn’t get over how well they did. They have worked extremely hard preparing for two weeks.  As a result, our summer camps are going to have great worship and ministry.  We know that God has great things in store for us as we follow the Lord’s leading over the next few months.  Praise God for providing people with great hearts and a love to see people saved. 

Make sure you get your tickets to our Patriotic Tribute 2010 show coming up in July.  I would love to see you at the LampLight Theatre.  Until then, keep checking the blog and try to catch up with us on the road. 

Love ya’ll,
   Billy Wayne

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Monday, 24 May 2010 12:02

Hey Friends,

Well, we are headed home after a long and rewarding week of ministry.  From North Carolina to West Virginia, God has blessed along the way. 

We are grateful for what God did at Crosspointe Church in Nashville, NC.  Every service the Lord poured out on us.  He challenged us all to a deeper relationship with Christ. Thanks to Mitch and Nancy Miles for your generous hospitality.  We also had great fellowship with Raphael, Adrianna, Stuart, Melvin and the gang….We love you all…. 

We had the opportunity to do the chapel service at Community Christian School while in the Rocky Mount area.  We were supposed to have a 45 minute service.  Well, it lasted 2 hours.  God sat down in that building and moved in a mighty way.  25 students came to know Jesus in a personal way.  The rest of us were challenged through the word to be more bold and leave a legacy of Christianity for others to follow. 

We had the opportunity to stop by Greensboro, NC and visit with two of my Executive Board members.  We did a lot of thinking, dreaming and praying for Vision Productions, Inc. and LampLight Theatre.  We know that God has great things on the horizon as we open our hearts and minds to his leading. 

We traveled on through to the mountains of West Virginia to Anstead to Lighthouse Worship Center.  There, we had a wonderful time in concert and got to reconnect with some wonderful friends.  We are grateful to Dwayne and Mandy Isaacs and their family for making us feel welcome.  What a blessing they have been over the years.  It was also good to see David and Lindsey Wray.  Pray for David as he continues his studies to be a doctor.  David is one of my heroes.  He is a cancer survivor and has traveled with me on several occasions playing bass guitar.  They traveled to Anstead to see us as did some of you.  Thanks for your support.  It was great reconnecting.  God did a great work that night.  

From Anstead, we traveled to Shinnston, WV to the Lighthouse (different Lighthouse than Anstead) and First Baptist Shinnston.  We hung out with several students from their ministry on Saturday night.  We had pizza and went bowling.  Needless to say, Jacob and I did okay.  Neither of us will go pro, but our skills will not be too quickly forgotten.  We topped the evening off with a chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen.  Our goal was to establish some relationships with the students (especially the unchurched ones).  God honored us with that and allowed us to love on them. 

Sunday morning, I took a break from preaching.  My friend, Kevin Nuzum, is now senior pastor there.  He had been the youth director there for several years.  He did a fine job. We all have to grow up someday and Kevin is taking on his role with great vision.  We had the opportunity to stay with Kevin and his wife, Bethany.  They have a son named Grant who is incredibly gifted.  They were very unselfish with their home and showed us great hospitality (beautiful home).

Sunday night’s concert at the Lighthouse was good.  God answered our prayers.  The students that we hoped would come from the night before showed up.  4 of the students were saved and God poured out on the invitation.  It was a great time of encouragement and ministry.  Please be in prayer for the youth team at the Lighthouse as they continue reaching out to the students in Shinnston. They care for a lot of hurting students there and need encouragement.

This morning, we were at the Clarksburg Mission.  I preached and Jacob and I sang.  They were very kind and receptive.  God not only ministered to them, He ministered to us as well.  They made us feel so welcome and were very grateful for our visit.  4 people accepted Christ and God challenged each of us to step up in our walk of faith by not using our past as an excuse for not living for him.  We prayed with some who were facing great difficulties including addiction and bitterness.  We were blessed to be there.  We look forward to another visit at some point.

Now, we are headed home to reorganize to leave back out at the end of the week. I am the speaker for a commencement service in Henderson, NC on Friday at Crossroad Christian School.  I will be back in Kingsport, TN on Sunday at Preaching Christ Church to speak at a bus ministry dedication.  This is a passion of my heart.  I know that God is going to use this new ministry to reach a lot of hurting people.

That just about wraps it up.  Keep Jacob and me in your prayers.  Pray for Carmen (Jacob’s wife) as she finishes teaching this year and their transition to the ministry full-time.  Also, remember Ridge as he seeks God’s direction for his life.  I know God has great plans for him. We are trusting the Lord to do a mighty work through him.  This is a very difficult time for him, but God will see him through. 

Don’t forget about the Cast Call for our Patriotic Show on Monday, May 31st at 6:00 at LampLight Theatre.  We would love for you to join us in ministry.

Billy Wayne

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Saturday, 15 May 2010 20:49

            Sorry for the delay in blogging.  We have gotten the new site up (thanks to Cindy Martin) and I have been busy with the theatre and getting ready for a Spring Tour.  There has been a lot on my plate and I couldn’t digest it all. 

            This spring was our 5th year anniversary at LampLight Theatre.  We survived the 5 year hump.  Praise the Lord.  He is doing some incredible things there.  194 people gave their lives to Christ during the run of “Friend of Sinners” Easter productions.  The presence of the Lord was remarkable.  Every night the Holy Spirit seemed to just sit down in that place.  God did miracle after miracle. 

On the last night of the production, I had a great surprise.  My brother, Gerald, came to the production.  He came alone and he came late to avoid having to talk to people. (He is kinda shy and backward)  He sat on the back row of the theatre and watched the production.  At the end, I gave the invitation and asked if anyone had asked Christ in their lives and wanted me to pray for them.  Several raised their hands.   I saw someone waving a cap in the back.  It was Gerald.  He kept waving it until I recognized it was him.  The whole theatre erupted in praise. 

After the production, he came and talked with me.  We had “church” once more.  Many of my family members were present.  They had “church” again in the parking lot afterward with my dad present.  When he got home and told my mother, they celebrated once more. 

Gerald has held to his faith and has changed a lot of things.  He even told his friends of the change in his heart.  I know that God will use him to reach a great deal of people that struggle with addictions.  Please pray for him as he grows in Christ.

We have gone through so many transitions this year.  We just hired a new Financial Administrator, Carolyn Woods.  Be in prayer as she takes on the new challenges and as our existing staff shifts into their new responsibilities.  It is an exciting time for our ministry.  Some people don’t like change, but I have learned to embrace it.  Change brings newness and a great dependency on the Lord.  That isn’t too bad for us at times when we can get comfortable in our walk of faith.

Jacob and I are on the road now.  We will be doing a series of concerts and speaking engagements in NC and WV over the next couple of weeks.  We are excited about hooking up with some of you as we sweep through your area.  If you get a chance, please come out to see us.  We would love to see your faces.  Pray for Jacob and his wife Carmen as they have officially started with us full-time.  They are two incredibly talented people that this ministry has been blessed to have on board.  I love working with them and sharing the stage in concert with them.

Pray for our summer interns as they come the first of June.  We are going to be running at full speed with all of the camps and shows coming up.  Please check out our road schedule and our LampLight Theatre Calendar of Events.  We look forward to seeing you and celebrating all that God is doing.   Pray for our ministry vehicle situation and the wisdom to know what to do.  Our bus in still stranded in PA  and waiting for repairs.  We are driving a borrowed vehicle (thanks Jason and Quyen Quillen) for this Spring Tour. 

I hope to post more blogs on this tour over the next couple of weeks.  Please be in prayer for hearts to be touched and lives to be changed. 

God Bless,

Billy Wayne   Phil. 1:6

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010 15:59

... are happening here in Henderson, North Carolina.  We have one more service tomorrow.  Be in prayer for open and receptive hearts.

The Executive Board of Vision Productions met over the weekend.  We are looking for someone to fill the position of Financial Administrator.  For a job description, application, or for more information, call (423) 245-1551 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Continue to pray for the "Friend of Sinners" production.  We had 39 salvations from the first three performances on Friday and Saturday.  Praise the Lord!

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