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Hey Friends,

            God is absolutely amazing! Summer is in full swing and great things are happening. Our scheduled is slammed, and the Holy Spirit is slamming the hearts of young and old alike.  I have the wonderful privilege to travel with a talented ministry team and band (Tattered Saints).  We are seeing a God pour out on his people.

            Our Senior High I.A. (I’m Accepted) Camp was powerful.  This camp is geared for underprivileged and “at risk” students.  Some of the things that these students have to endure are unreal.  We saw lives transform before our eyes.  Many of the students come very guarded and broken.  To watch God change their lives and give them hope is pretty amazing. There were 4 students saved and 15 rededications.

            The folks at Camp Smokey took great care of our students.  They spoiled them rotten.  Of all the camps we have ever attended, the workers there go above and beyond to reach out and minister to our students.  Thanks to Paul and his family and the interns…

            The theme of the camp was “Heaven’s Gain”.  We challenged the students to understand the difference between temporary, earthly, material philosophy and eternal, heavenly gain.  We had the opportunity to go to Greenbriar to swim in the mountain creek.  It was a day of splish-splash and sunburns.  We visited Pigeon Forge and our friends at Country Tonite.  Our hats are off to Kevin, Ronnie and the other performers who always make us feel at home.  The new show was fantastic.  Thank you for blessing our students and showing them the love of Jesus.

            Our last full day at camp, the students went to Gatlinburg.  They had ministry assignments to do.  They all represented Jesus well.  The parents and guardians would have been proud.  What a blessing to see them NOT be ashamed of Christ. 

            BEACH WEEK was incredible as well.  It was held at Landmark Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. We had attendees from Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  The theme of the week was “The Pursuit”.  We learned what we needed to leave behind and the things we should pursue as believers.  The week was very challenging resulting in 8 salvations and 12 rededications.  We baptized 19 in the ocean on Thursday evening…what an amazing witness for our Lord.

            We traveled on up the east coast to Southport, NC.  We did an evening concert in the park.  It was a blessing to be outside in God’s cathedral and worship Him.  We had a wonderful, relaxed evening and enjoyed catching up with some friends (Chuck and Cindy Silvey) and meeting new ones.

            The following Sunday morning, we did a concert in the a.m. at Southport First Baptist.  4 people committed their lives to Christ and there was an awesome spirit of worship in the place.  Some new doors were opened for us there and we look forward to going back next year to do some concerts on the beach.

            We got back late that night and started the next morning (Monday) on practices for our Patriotic show.  We worked the cast hard and finally had time to practice our songs the day before we opened.  I thank God for a group of talented singers and musicians who work with such professional attitudes.  I am truly blessed to have the best on my team.

            The Patriotic Tribute 2011 show opened this past week at LampLight Theatre.  We had two dinner theatre performances and the show was well received.  There have been 14 decisions for salvation and 14 for rededication so far.

We consider it a blessing to honor our troops and their families for all that they have sacrificed for our freedom.  We are blessed to live in America.   The show is reflective of who we are as Americans, but most of all, who we are in Christ.  Through Christ, God has not only shed His grace, but also His blood that we might be set FREE. 

We have the July 4th Parade in Kingsport tomorrow and will be performing on the float.  We love the parades.  It is a wonderful witness for our faith and is a great opportunity for people to see and know more about who we are.

The Patriotic Tribute starts back up again this Wednesday night at 7 PM.  We will go through Sunday afternoon.  Nightly shows are at 7:00 PM from Wednesday through Saturday with additional matinees on Saturday at 2:00 PM and Sunday at 3:00 PM. If you are interested in attending contact the box office (423) 348-7610.  Ask for FREE vouchers for reading this blog.

We are now gearing up for A.I.M. (Artists in Ministry) conference at the theatre.  It will be held July 18-22. Check it out on the website. Come and learn about creative ministry.  All ages are welcome to attend.

We will be headed out next week to West Virginia and Ohio. Please check our travel schedule and catch up with us on the road.  We want to see you. 

Please pray for our vehicle.  “Red Rhonda” is doing great, but has a few issues when pulling our heavy trailer.  Our bus is still broken down after a year and a half.  The insurance company will not come through and neither will the company that worked on it.  It has been an ongoing struggle.  No one wants to take the responsibility to fix it.  Please be in prayer for us…

I want to thank everyone who has bought my book, “And God Was Watching”.  The book launch was great and very overwhelming.  We had our first book signing yesterday (Saturday, July 2nd) at LifeWay Christian Bookstore in Johnson City.  They said that it was the largest attended book signing ever for that location.  Thanks for coming out and supporting.  It is my prayer that this book will change lives.  

We are still working on new music and God is inspiring it all.  We look forward to getting into the studio soon. I hope to have a new project by fall.  God’s timing is perfect.  Meantime, we are singing some of the music now.  If you want to hear it, come out and see us. 

By the way, I will be in concert with Tattered Saints at the Theatre on July 30th.  It will be a great time of worship.  Please tell your friends and family to come out and celebrate with us.

Keep us in your prayers as we have these performances at the theatre and for our travel schedule as well.  Pray for our health and safe travels.  Pray for God to use us for His sake… that is all that matters.


In Him,

Billy Wayne

                        Phil. 1:6




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