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Dear Friends,

            I am very excited about the release of the book, And God Was Watching: A Biography of Billy Wayne.  This is an exciting time for me personally and for our ministry.  This has been a long time coming and I believe it is God’s perfect timing.

            This book has been a labor of love both for Janet Gibson and me.  Janet has been a true friend for over 20 years and without her prompting, this book would never have been written.  She knew that God wanted this book written and took it upon herself to complete the task at hand.  The result has been very healing and rewarding.

            It has been an amazing journey to look back and see how God orchestrated events to accomplish his will and purpose in a little kid from the Appalachian Mountains of east Tennessee and southwest Virginia.  The obstacles that were placed before me were nothing to God, only testimonies of what He could do in what seemed to be impossible situations. 

            I look at my dad and see what “Amazing Grace” really means.  It is hard to believe that God truly can take what Satan meant for evil and turn it into apples of gold.   When I reflect on this book-writing adventure, I know that God reminded me of how many prayers He answered even when I didn’t acknowledge that it was him at work.  His faithfulness in answering every cry was overwhelming to me.  It might not have been the answer I wanted, but it was His perfect answer and timing.

            I pray that this book will bring healing to a lot of hurting people.  I hope that it inspires people not to use their situations as excuses not to be all that God has called them to be.  Our tragedies and struggles should be springboards of faith; to fling ourselves into the arms of God and to trust that He trusts us to show His glory in difficult situations. 

            I owe my life to God and I owe a gratitude of thanks to so many people who encouraged and prayed for me during dark times in my life.  I thank God for each person who believed in me and in the power of prayer to change not only my life, but my family as well. 

            May you be inspired to know that God chooses us to be sifted by the enemy as wheat.  Like Job, God may mention your name to the devil knowing that in the tragedy of your life that you will never forsake the name of Jesus.  How you handle your trials should bring honor to God and God alone.  Those around you will be able to see that only God could change everything for His glory. Whatever trial we face, may we never forget …God is watching. 


Billy Wayne    Phillipians 1:6



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