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Wednesday, 20 June 2012 05:47

June 19, 2012

“Do It Yourself”


Dear Friends,

Welcome to HGTV: Do It Yourself.  Lol. After meetings and prayer sessions, we have landed on being our own General Contractor for the renovation project.  Once we received all of the information on the cost of the project, even the lowest proposals were out of our league.  We firmly believe that we have enough qualified licensed sub-contractors and volunteers to do this project.  This will save us an incredible amount of money.  We would love to be in the building for less than $350,000.  We feel this is possible with the information and interested contractors that we have thus far.

While it would have been much easier for us to have a General Contractor to supervise this project, sometimes it just isn’t practical.  The money saved could be used on the project itself.  There is a great deal to be done and we are humbled by the contractors, mission groups, and individuals who have stepped forward to offer their services and supplies.  We are convinced that this started as a grass-roots community project and God wants us to continue in that fashion.

I want to personally thank the men/contractors who have represented some great construction companies.  They are godly people who have helped us understand a great deal about this whole process.  I regret not being able to work with them, but our projected budget would not allow us to do so.  I know that these contractors pushed to get me numbers and worked very hard at trying to crunch numbers.  I pray for God to bless them and their companies.

We have architects coming in next week to look at the property and hopefully we will get our drawings done quickly.  We really need to get started as soon as possible.  We should be able to start demolition soon.  We will be planning a ground breaking and will keep you informed as to when all events take place.

We are currently putting together our team of licensed contractors, so that construction can start as soon as possible.  We are praying for God to send each contractor that He wants on the building.  We are grateful to be working with Dee Morgan with the city of Kingsport.  He will make certain that all things are to code for the safety of workers and our patrons.

I feel a little like Solomon in building the temple.  I know that God has a plan for this beautiful building.  We want to utilize everyone that we can.  We want like-minded people that understand our mission to be a part of this project.  We are believing for God to bring those along who have a passion to preserve this building and help us with the mission before us.

We need your prayers:

For Contractors

For Finances

For Supplies, Materials, & Equipment

For the Architect

We will be doing some additional fundraisers other than the “Have a Seat” Campaign, the “Pillar Wall”, and the lobby pavers (information on this site).  It will be necessary for us to have an auction at our existing location since we can’t take everything with us.  That will be coming as soon as we are able to close on the property.  We will notify you of ways you can contribute or help raise money for the renovations.

For those of you who do not know the full capacity of our ministry and what we do, we ask that you check out www.billywayne.net. We want to invest in lives of those in our community that are hurting, especially teens.  The theatre has been a place where we have seen young lives restored and families brought back together.

If all goes as planned, it looks like we will be closing on The State with Citizens Bank of Rogersville on July 9th.  God is good.  We are looking into the possibility of getting an equity loan for the construction work. This would allow us to go ahead and get started since we need to be in the building by the Christmas season.  Pray for God’s continued guidance.  Please don’t forget about us.  There is a long road ahead.

If you are interested in being part of our Prayer Team or our Fund-Raising team, please contact our office.  It has been wonderful to see how God is working through each detail.  Sometimes, I just need to step out of the way and let Him do what He does best.

Again, thank you for all you have done so far.  Your words of encouragement have been a great strength.  This is still so God-sized for us.  That is what makes it so great.  God still amazes me everyday.

Prayerfully Pressing Ahead,

Billy Wayne



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